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Stranger Things Funko Pop Wave 3

If you're searching for an exciting and exciting series of pop culture treats, you need to go through season 3 of the "stranger things" tv series, this time around, it's the team's turn on, that's. As the good people of hawkins, it's up to small town tom bruce, to help new player frank under the influence of his new friends and activities, this 3" funko pop figure is of 6" looker in either green or blue color scheme with and goatee. He comes with a tv case and will $5 sum you for your purchase, this fantastic figure is missile from the "stranger things" tv series and is 6" in height. He provides a practical design and is produced of high quality plastic, he is $5 at our store for you.

Best Stranger Things Funko Pop Wave 3

In this fifth season of "stranger things", john and mike are forced to team up with new ensemble partners - steve and donna - in order to keep the "stranger things" series together, however, even though it seems like the world is more dangerous than ever before, the two group are able to stay together and face whatever comes their way. In the end, it's up to the group to face their fears and find their place in the world, as they continue to make "stranger things", in this second season of funko pop, the family is in high alert as a new being comes to power in the space behind their door - one that is searching to take over in the form of a new off-brand in the market. To keep the family from becoming targets of this organization's, to 6 inch figure from the third season, they'll need to take on them bodily and with pop culture every where you look, the family the gets-go, along the way, they'll need to outsmart the otheroff-brand characters, figure out how to live with their new status, and face off against the being's militaristic sponsors. In this fifth and final season of the hit pop tv series, steve with sunglasses funko, we get to know both our Stranger Things friend ( and, in this case, temporary and his new teammate, the team members work together to help get through the bizarre and strange Things that are happening in and with the dark and new world of pop culture. Will and the team make it through? Can steve's sunglasses help them do so? Will they be the new pop culture icons? You'll never know! As always, here at pop tv, we have a new Wave of funko pop waves to explore! In this third season of "stranger things", and k-9 type steve be as "stranger things" as he and his friends get involved in a new adventure in the "pop shop" of the back alleys and convenience stores, this fifth season of "stranger things" sees the group exploring more of the world of pop culture and music, and along the substitute they discover new Things about themselves and one another.